Writing Desk #3 – Where to Find Inspiration

Writing Desk

Outside reading and writing, do you have any hobbies or passions?

I’ve had quite a few hobbies over the years. Some have stayed longer in my world than others—fencing, scuba diving, movie extra, amateur boxing. I also ate a termite on a dare while trekking through a Costa Rican jungle by an active volcano. That was certainly a one-off situation I assure you. Lol

All my hobbies, past and present, inspire my writing and book ideas. You never know what might pop up in a scene or chapter.

I also absolutely love history, which in turn fuels my love for researching genealogy. That’s one activity I enjoy when I have time. I also enjoy acting and singing.

I really love to travel the world especially visiting the United Kingdom. I’m always dreaming of where I’d like to travel to next whether in person or in fiction.


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