A Ferret of a Job

Short Stories

A Ferret of a Job

Once, there was a fuzzy brown ferret named Stuart in a little hammock. The ferret stretched his long, slinky body. It was morning, but he was still fast asleep.

His tiny round ear twitched. His tiny nose twitched. He turned over and gave a small ferret snore.

When Stuart rolled over though, he fell right out of his hammock and right into his water bowl.

Eek! squeaked Stuart. He shook his slender body as furiously as he could. He glanced up at his hammock and outside of his cage.

No one was there. No one else was awake.

Maybe, he thought, he could go back to sleep curled up in a ball. Yes, that sounded like a perfect plan.

But, when he stood to his full height to slide back into his hammock, he froze, and his beady dark eyes stared straight ahead. He had almost forgotten. He could not forget. He had a job to do.

Stuart faced the cage bars, sucked in a big breath, and let it out in a whoosh.

He charged the bars and wiggled right between them in a space that seemed way too small for him. He made it look easy.

Stuart gave a quick ferret grin, and then he was off running for the stairs. He made a huge jump and landed on the bottom stair. He stretched his body toward the next one and climbed every stair until he reached the top.

A drop of sweat dripped off his chin, but he could not rest now. He had a job to do.

With a leap, he charged forward to the huge object ahead. He dug his little ferret claws into the fabric and pulled and heaved himself up and up, higher and higher until he reached a flat surface.

But, it was not entirely flat.

Stuart carefully stepped forward on tiptoes. He crept past the big, strange shape as large as a hill to his small body. He curved around until he saw something pointy and brown sticking out like dead grass.

Stuart knew what to do.

He jumped with all his might and landed on the brown. Then, he jumped up and down on it and did a wild little dance until it moved.

He danced faster and faster, turning round and round like a spinning top until something moved under him so quickly he barely had time to make a sailing leap off.

It was a girl who popped up out of bed with her hair sticking up everywhere. She shook her head quickly and yelled, “Stuart!!”

But he was already gone down the comforter, down the stairs, and back into his cage. He climbed into his hammock, and with a little ferret smile he fell sound asleep. His girl was awake for school. He had done his job.


The End


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