Author’s Notes #3 – Inside Scoop from “Maylie and the Maze”

Author's Notes

What behind-the-scenes info can be shared about “Maylie and the Maze”?

Of course! The book had to be set in England because that’s where the real maze is located. Plus, I love England! I love the countryside and manor houses and castles and the mix of modern-day and history in the city of London. My favorite place is the city of Bath.

One of my favorite memories in England is staying a few nights in a 500-year-old thatched cottage in a tiny village surrounded by green fields edged with low stone fences and full of sheep. It was inspiring for the creative mind!

Another thing to note is that while Maylie and the Maze centers on one of Maylie’s struggles being that she longs to become an author, but she can’t finish a story.

I feel like that is a struggle for so many, so I decided to write a companion non-fiction book that I would give to a kid like Maylie.

The book is called “Young Writer’s Kit: A Guide for Young Writers.” It is available for purchase on Amazon, but a free condensed PDF version is available for those who sign up for my newsletter, which anyone interested can do here:



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