Featured Craft #2

Grow a Rainbow is magic! So cool! Watch the rainbow appear before your eyes.   Great for elementary kids and littler ones too. And it's likely you already have everything you need to do it.   (Instructions at The Best Ideas for Kids website here)

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Featured Activity #2

Simple activity that is perfect for outdoor play: Moon sand!   Homemade moon sand, that is. Easy to make and full of kid fun.   But it is messy, so it's best to be an outdoor activity to both make and play with.   (Check out the instructions on the Happy Mothering...

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World Travels – México

WORLD TRAVELS MÉXICO (CHICHÉN ITZÁ)When I visited this incredible ancient site, I felt like I’d stepped into an Indiana Jones movie and had become an explorer and adventurer. The structures and the culture they represent is so fascinating!   Chichén Itzá is one...

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